You're about to embark on a grand journey... into the world of all things Sarah!

About Sarah: one girl's journey to cross items off her bucket list

Hey there, My name is Sarah and the best way to describe me is to describe all the things I've done or plan to do!

Professionally, I have challenged myself to work in varied performance spaces. Since moving to NYC in 2019, I've worked in on stage, on film, recently in voice over, and in many genres including romance, comedy, mystery, and horror. I've also made a splash in directing and responded to Covid by starting my own theatrical production company, Drawing Cats Productions.

I've also had many other adventures such as adopting my two rescue kitty cats (one has six toes on each paw), traveling (so far I've been to 25 out of the 50 states and will be traveling to London this Spring), and learning new things (right now I'm learning how to ride a bike and speak Japanese.)

I try to make every day count and take the time to enjoy all the little experiences that make up life!

What's my next adventure?

  • I am currently getting my Graduate Certification in "Theatre of Diversity and Social Change." This process has been incredibly enriching thus far. As a theater-maker of the future, I realize the importance of embracing diversity and inclusion, and I am looking forward to doing the work needed to inspire positive changes!

  • This March I will be taking the adventure to London! I will be studying theatre with industry professionals at amazing locations like The Globe, National Theatre, and Royal Academy of Dramatic Art!